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Statistics on pollution with ultrafine particles (the most common of the dangerous types of pollution (PM10, PM2.5)) in the form of an Excel table available for download and analysis:



Hi all, tomorrow in Brno will be the final lecture about air pollution in Czech Republic (the last of three ). After lectures it will be some short interesting animation also. Cycle of lectures named "KVALITA OVZDUŠÍ V BRNĚ A VŮBEC" . The are three lectures this year (18,19 and 25 of November 2019), completely free entrance. Lectures dedicated to problems of air pollution in Czech Republic.

In 25 Nov. 2019 it will be also interesting lecture about measuring methods, healthy cost of Ignis Brunensis and so on...

For more information please see:


It found that in 2013, 55 percent of Czechs were still being exposed to above-average levels of the toxic chemical benzopyrene. Additionally, many cities suffer from smog and ground level ozone, while heating plants were found to account for 41 percent of dangerous PM10 particulate matter being inhaled by Czechs. 

“The new report once again shows that the air quality in the Czech Republic is very bad. Last year, according to conservative estimates, something like 1,600 people died in the Czech Republic because of air pollution. And additionally, thousands more are sick because of air pollution. This is an issue that the government and city councils need to start dealing with.” 


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