Pollutants.eu Monitor kvality ovzduší v České republice

Perhaps the most frequently exceeded limit value is the 24-hour limit value for suspended PM10 particles, and this is what we will now focus on. Its value is 50 µg / m3 and this limit is considered to be exceeded in more than 35 exceedances per year. We only included stations with min. 90% of the data for each year to make a comparison (if the station does not have 90% of the data and especially if there is no data from the cold season when the limits are more likely to be exceeded, the number would be biased).

The following chart shows the number of exceedances of the limit in the five-year period 2015-2019 at stations in Brno (Kroftova and Soběšice stations are missing for 2019, which are manual and data from them are not available).