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A very famous cheap air quality control home device SM300D2 is quite popular. It could be bought with screen or without. But what if you have damage your device? The PM2.5 is a separate creature on it, and you could use it easily separately. A power supply could be easily taken from a USB-UART convertor with 5V power outcome, it needs at maximum 100 mA of output current and more or the less stable voltage (what mostly they have). We need to connect only GND, UART TX and VCC lines of the sensor to our UART to USB connector and use like you want, below will be a link to a home-brewed program to display PM2.5 concentrations on Windows PC.


Pic.1 Connection to USB/UART adapter


The simple program for show the PM2.5 value is presented  below



The program to download: (RUSSIAN)

The program to download: (ENGLISH)

Project with source code in SharpDevelop:

Working drivers for Profilic PL2303HX :