Pollutants.eu Monitor kvality ovzduší v České republice

Hello Guys, pollutagNode2 almost here, and will be prototyped soon.


1. LaraWAN node based on STM32WLE MCU (LORA-E5), easy to integrate monitoring and control node (air quality monitoring, garden, intelligent home. etc.)

2. You may connect load remotely by downlinks - via AO3400A transistor (on board)

3. New Sensirion SEN54 sensor optimized

4. MPPT and Li-Ion battery charger for power from 5V++ cheap solar panels.

5. Sleep current below 1mA expected

6. 10+ years of autonomity with cheap 2W solar panel and standard 1850 Li-Ion battery

7. More than 2 weeks work autonomity from fully charged 3500mA  Li-Ion battery

8. Ideal for sensor.community integration over LoRaWAN IoT, like TTN and Helium, no internet connection from your side needed!

9. Full fledged with routed test points - easy to solder - easy to add functionality (inputs, outputs, interfaces etc.)