Pollutants.eu Monitor kvality ovzduší v České republice

This site was created to keep aware society about pollution disaster, which become to our world. PM2.5, PM10, surface Ozone - are quite dangerous pollutants, especially with long exposition time, like we have in many places around.

Many people around the Globe simply don't know what it is.

The data platform observational data are not fully verified or validated; these data are subject to change, error, and correction. The data and information are in no way official.

The data platform observational data can not be used for any official comparison, ranking, report or data analysis. The official and validated data must be obtained directly from the originating EPA.

If observational data are used for analyses, displayed on web pages, or used for other programs or products, the analysis results, displays, or products must indicate that these data are not fully verified or validated.

Sincerely Yours, Aleksei Tertychnyi


PS: WHO Global Air Quality Guidelines