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Brno, July 4 (BD) – The high accumulation of air pollutants in Brno is noticeable and people in certain areas complain about choking on air dust. Brno has reached its yearly pollution limit in just first 6 months of 2017.

The areas with the biggest problem are Zvonarka bus station’s neighborhood, Children’s Hospital, Uvoz and Svatoplukova streets.

The particulate matter (dust) in the air already exceeded the norm of 35 days per year set by Law on Health Protection in the city of Brno.

What does cause the high dust concentration in the air? Meteorologist Robert Skeřil explained to Brnensky Denik that the phenomenon is caused by poor dispersion conditions in the city, especially in winter months January and February.

In the streets with a lot of traffic, such as Zvonarka, the problem is even worse. The air dust caused by the demolition of the old textile factory got mixed with the high amount of car fumes, making the air unhygienic and hard for people to breath. Even in the area of Children’s Hospital at Černopolní 9, the atmosphere is overly polluted.

Brno Municipality arranged a plan to limit the air pollution by encouraging people to leave their cars parked and use the public transportation. The plan also envisages planting more trees and making the city more green.

High summer temperatures don’t ease the problem as the heat accelerates photochemical reactions. The airborne dust particles are harmful for the human body, causing irritation to the respiratory system and heart and blood vessel damages.