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Photo by Dmitry Gladkikh on Unsplash

In 2012, the Ecological Restoration Group at the Faculty of Science of the University of South Bohemia organised the 8th European Conference on Ecological Restoration. On the occasion of this conference the edited volume Ecological Restoration in the Czech Republic (Jongepierová et al. 2012) was published. Since that time six years have passed and also our knowledge of ecological restoration has advanced. A range of older restoration projects (scientific as well as practical ones) is continuing, some have been successfully completed, others have started, legislation has changed somewhat, and also the general awareness of the discipline of restoration ecology has expanded in the country. We have therefore decided to compile a follow-up of the previous volume, Ecological Restoration in the Czech Republic II. We do not want to repeat what has already been written, but have focused on new projects and findings and on new results of older continuing projects and their interpretation. Since scientific knowledge from the restoration ecology discipline is the basis of every high-quality ecological restoration, we start with a brief selection of scientific works related to ecological restoration in the country from the past five years....

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