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Photo by Viktor Ritsvall on Unsplash

What is the impact of landscape fragmentation on wildlife?

Direct and scientific observations show that animals ...

»die on the roads (traffic mortality)

»cannot migrate for mating, feeding, hibernation

»no longer have their vital living space (suitable habitat)

»are disturbed by noise / light pollution

Carpathian large carnivores - lynx, wolf, bear - are an essential piece of the European biodiversity puzzle. They depend on large home territories and long distance movement. Any limit to their mobility, such as landscape fragmentation, poses a serious threat to their survival. Thus they require an ecological network of suitable habitat and migration corridors. Lynx, wolf and bear individuals from the Czech Republic need to connect to the large carnivore populations from the broader Carpathian ecoregion. Bringing the ecological network into spatial planning ensures a better protection of suitable habitat patches (not only natural protected areas) and their connectivity, for large carnivores and many other wildlife species.

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